Elevator updates for Hollywood Tower!

Dear Resident(s):


As promised we would like to update you on the progress of the elevator modernization. As you know the elevators were supposed to be back up as of this week. The City of LA came to do the final inspection and it looks like we need to replace the motor to get the approval from the City. The motor is a crucial piece to ensure the elevators operate efficiently. The work required to replace the motor has delayed our elevator from going back on as planned.


Management was not expecting this unforeseen delay and we want to make sure you can confidently utilize the elevator once it is up and running. We understand not having an elevator has been a huge inconvenience for everyone and we are trying to expedite this process as fast as we can.


We expect to get more detailed information this week from a second elevator company that we have brought in to give us an opinion on the best course of action. As we get these details we will be sure to let you know.


Thank you for your patience and understand.




Thank you,




Edita Nazaryan

Property Manager | Polaris Property Management

Office: (818)267-4550


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